"Yet another accolade to Sukra hat from NASA"

Sukra Helitek, Inc. is an engineering consulting company that specializes in computational fluid dynamics (CFD) with applications such as rotorcraft, propellers and wind turbines. The company is primarily involved in developing specialized computer software for the study and analysis of engineering problems in fluid dynamics. Clients of Sukra Helitek, Inc. include companies such as Sikorsky Aircraft, Boeing Helicopters, the former McDonnell Douglas, NASA, and the U.S. Army and Navy.

Established in 1991, Sukra Helitek, Inc. has been involved in developing innovative and cost effective CFD tools for the rotorcraft industry. Sukra Helitek, Inc. develops and markets two flagship software products: Rot3DC and RotCFD. Embedded in a user-friendly graphic environment, these software offer cutting-edge solutions to complex rotorcraft problems by using some of the most advanced and latest research techniques in CFD and computer science. Examples include simulating helicopters landing on a ship deck, performance analysis of a rotorcraft operating in a near-terminal area, numerical study of wind turbine efficiencies, and general purpose CFD simulations to augment wind tunnel data and many others.

The company employs highly qualified and dedicated professionals with experience in the fields of computer science, mathematics, computational fluid dynamics and engineering to fulfill customer needs and research requirements. The company also employs qualified part-time consultants for technical work when necessary. With reliability, robustness, and affordability being the key features of its high quality software products, Sukra-Helitek, Inc. has acquired the confidence of the U.S. rotorcraft industry and is actively involved in ongoing research to meet new challenges.

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