Figure 2: Grid Adaption for Tandom Helicopter

For a thorough understanding of the aerodynamic properties of aircraft, high fidelity viscous simulations are necessary to complement wind tunnel investigations. RotCFD, a CFD code developed by Sukra Helitek, Inc., offers a design tool that allows the user to manipulate the geometry, generate body-fitted viscous grids, run the flow solver and visualize results, all combined in an easy-to-use, seamless Integrated Design Environment (IDE). RotCFD is widely accepted in the rotor-craft industry as an effective design tool that can carry out aerodynamic simulations economically before model scale testing is considered, thereby saving cost and time and permitting a larger design space than is otherwise possible.

Features Of RotCFD :
  • A CAD-like pre-processing tool for parametric variation and manipulation of geometry.
  • A semi-automatic grid generator, with body-fitted tetrahedral grid near the body and cartesian unstructured grid in the farfield.
  • A fast and efficient discrete blade unsteady rotor model with maneuvering capabilities, along with rotor trim calculations.
  • Compatible with Linux,Windows and Mac operating systems.
  • Flow visualization along with rotor performance, trim and body force calculations.
  • RANS-based, high accuracy general purpose unstructured flow solver, capable of solving laminar as well as turbulent flows.