Sukra Helitek provides services :

  • Workshop
  • Consulting Services
  • Software Development


While our university curriculum is quite strong in theory, it lacks in imparting hands-on training to students by way of solving real-life problems, resulting in engineers that are found wanting in the above mentioned skill-set. It is this gap between the industry expectation and students proficiency that Sukra Helitek seeks to bridge through its innovative workshop programs. Taking advantage of the easy availability of PCs in engineering colleges and drawing from its experience in CFD software development, Sukra Helitek has designed computer based training modules that impart hands-on experience in aerodynamics, CFD and CAD. While the workshops are conducted using in-house tools, the focus is on training students in the process of engineering design, simulation and analysis, so that they become capable in quickly adapting to any engineering software tool.

What sets apart Sukra Helitek workshop programs is the fact that the workshop structure and supporting lecture material has been prepared by Prof. Ganesh Rajagopalan, founder,Sukra Helitek and faculty at the department of the aerospace engineering, Iowa State University (U.S.A). With his 35+ years of experience in teaching and aerospace industry consulting, Prof. Rajagopalan brings a unique perspective of the U.S. methodology of practical training and moulds it to the needs of the theoretically strong Indian student. Also, unlike programs conducted by third-party training institutions, Sukra Helitek workshops are conducted by our own engineers, who share their day-to-day experiences of handling real-life engineering problems. Workshops also include live guest lectures by Prof. Rajagopalan and other faculty from deemed universities.

We are currently offering a workshop on CFD titled "Introduction to Engineering Modelling and Simulation." Some salient features of the workshop are:

  • Introduction to steps involved in CFD simulation and analysis, with focus on correlation to theory and experiment
  • Hands-on exercises from simple problems in CFD to real-life engineering examples
  • Suitable for UG (2nd to 4th year) and PG students from mechanical, automobile and aerospace engineering
  • Resource requirement: Standard PCs or laptops with windows, Linux or MAC OS and a white board

What you will learn

✔Understand the fundamental and physics of governing Equation.
✔ Conceptual Understanding of Fluid mechanics,Navier-stoke's equation, finite Volume and other CFD techniques.
✔ CFD Fundamentals.
✔ Geometry handling -2D,3D
✔Hands on Training with RotCFD
✔ Post-processing Analysis and Plotting.
✔ Preprocessing Anyalsis-Gemoetry creation,Grid Generation,Problem Set up.


Consulting Service

Sukra provides CFD consulting services to industry and academia for the research and development of engineering systems. The areas for research and development of engineering systems CFD-propeller design, helicopter and UAV/MAV aerodynamics, low-speed aircraft analysis, wind turbine performance analysis, aerodynamics of land vehicles etc.Company employs highly qualified and dedicated professionals with experience in the fields of computer science, mathematics, computational fluid dynamics and engineering to fulfillcustomer needs and research requirements.

Educational Software

Educational software modules in aerodynamics, rotorcraft dynamics and CFD, with focus on step-by- step learning, from basic physics to real-life engineering problems; a teaching tool that complements text-book learning . An innovative, computer-based learning tool to impart basic aerospace engineering knowledge in an interesting, yet educational, framework.